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Automate Your Marketing with Heather PorterAutomate Your Marketing

A simple to follow and easy to implement guide to help you automate your marketing. 

Are you a business owner who would love to have more time available for the important activities that will grow your business? Do you find yourself caught up with tasks such as email, social media or compiling client data and wondering if there is a better way to get it all done? There is! Learn to automate key aspects of your business marketing and free up more of that all-important productive time. Even if you pick out one thing to start with that you can automate, you will soon see the benefits of making that task more efficient


Unleash Your Success Goddess with Heather PorterUnleash Your Success Goddess

It can be a challenge getting to the top! Find out how these successful women handled it.

7 women share their personal journey, reveal the myths regarding business success and unlock the blocks to financial abundance and self-fulfillment. A Transformational businesswoman’s guide on how to unlock passion, embrace money, improve sales, manage self worth and wellness, and improve your branding. This Dream Team of women will have you accepting yourself and your success and failures within a few pages.


The Online Treasure Map for Motivational Speakers by Heather PorterThe Online Treasure Map for Motivational Speakers

Are you a motivational speaker who wants to have more speaking gigs? 

Get ready to learn how to get connected to the right people to get speaking gigs and get known as the go-to person in your space.

Follow these 21 tips to learn what the busy speakers do to be on platforms every week, and how you can become one of them.