Online Marketing Tutorials

How to Sell an Ebook on your website

If you follow these steps you can set this up in about 20 min and start selling your knowledge online by adding PayPal to WordPress! Hang in there guys!  This is not as ugly as it looks. Once you have an ebook ready to sell on your website you need to follow these 4 Steps:…

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Add an event to your Facebook Page

Adding an event to your Facebook Page is a great way to raise awareness to your online product launches or webinars. If you have a live event, remember to only invite people in that area or you will end up annoying your fans. You will need to use Facebook as your business page to create…

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Make a Facebook Landing Page

90% of your visitors to your Facebook Page will never return to your page to get your updates. Instead they will watch your updates through their home page feed or phone apps. You can no longer have a welcome page that is shown automatically to your page’s visitors. You can however still set up landing…

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