How to know you are on the right path in business

Do you still feel like you have not found your purpose and are not feeling very passionate about running your business?

For most of us we don’t feel like a well-lit passion path just presents itself to us.

Let me pose a question to those of you feeling a little uninspired…If you have not found your passion should you still start or grow a business?

After all don’t they say “do it with passion or not at all?”

Here is why I think you SHOULD get moving, even if you are not 100% sure if that is what you want to do. In my years of running huge seminars I have seen many people never start their business because they are not sure if it is what they really want to do.

What is the best way to fix this problem?

Do what you are good at, provide value and get paid for it. 

You will uncover your passion as you take the journey of being an entrepreneur.

Here’s an example of how I am finding more passion in my business…

I run a website development company and social media marketing training. Whilst I like building websites with my small and mighty team and doing coaching sessions with clients, I would not saw it is my life’s purpose.

Instead I use my business as leverage to help me find more of what I love doing. I look for things that get me out of my comfort zone. I look for things I am interested in beyond the day to day of running my business.

Like what? Let me give you an idea in case these can help you too.

  • Starting a new podcast (you can listen to my old one here)
    I like teaching. And I like the idea of getting better at telling stories.  So for me podcasting is something I am interested in and excites me.  Will it build my business?  Hopefully. Yet that is not my main outcome for doing it.
  • Meet with my mastermind group
    I meet with 3 other business owners every month. I do this because it helps me dream bigger than I can by myself.  Through it I get ideas and things to action that excite me.
  • Speaking
    I do this so I am forced to stay sharp on my craft, and I like teaching. Sometimes it brings me business, but more often I feel energised when doing it.

It is through these exercises that I am crafting my next business idea – something that I feel is my life’s purpose.  However I would have never found it if I did not ACT on getting my business going and did not SEEK new things to help me feel excited.

So brave ones – if you still are unclear on your purpose just get moving on something you are good at.

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