The Winning Formula on How to Make Product Videos that Sell

how to make product videos

If you are trying to sell your products and services online then video is an excellent tool.

This is not about whether you know how to make product videos. Your success on selling your products means following a short formula to actually get the videos selling for you.

Why ?

  1. Videos have high perceived value
  2. Google loves videos and will give preference to a site with videos
  3. Youtube is the second largest search engine so if you list and optimise your video there you will have access to a massive audience
  4. According to a study by the (University of Pennsylvania) Wharton school of Business, prospects are 72% more likely to purchase a product or service when video is used.
  5. Video can help present a consistent message every time for every viewer so your customer knows exactly what they are buying from you.
  6. A carefully scripted 2-3 minute video can be more effective and convey as much information as a stack of printed materials.
  7. Video can help a relatively small company look like a much larger national or international firm.

How to make your own product videos that sell?  Simple…

1) Be yourself in front of the camera

You must be the same with the camera on as it is off!  People buy from people they like and trust.  View the camera as your friend or potential customer and talk to it as you would them.


2) Have a clear outcome of what you will use the video for before you record it

Don’t begin a video without a crystal clear idea of what you want the user to do. Do not just make a video to make a video.  If you are selling a product then the entire video should be about the benefits of the product and how specifically it can help your customer.


3) Suck them in!

Do something different than what they expect at the start of your video.  People initially come to your video as a skeptic. How can you prove them wrong and lower their defences?  Don’t copy what others in your market are doing. What is your brand?  Use that!  Are you funny, attractive, smart, shy… is there a story you can tell, a character you can play?  This makes them want to consume the next bit of content.


4) Build Credibility and Trust Quickly

If they are still with you past the start it is important that you quickly build trust. Who are you? Why should they be listening to you? Introduce yourself like you do with an elevator speech.  Learn more about this in my article “How to Improve a Small Business?”


5) Deliver Results in Advance

If they can see how specifically they will get immediate results with your product they will want more of what you have to offer. Deliver results in advance by showing a demo. If you don’t have a demo get them to picture themselves getting the results.  Make this believable by telling stories of how others have gotten results that are just like them.  Do you have any other special perks like free shipping, a money back guarantee, a bonus?  Mention anything you can to help make the purchase decision easier.  Remember, don’t list features.  List benefits. A benefit is something that they can use (“I’m going to give you this, so that you can get this”). A benefit is not more life, more money or more freedom. Get deeper, be specific about what it is that they will learn or get.


6) Tell them exactly what to do next

Many call this the “call to action”.   People are not stupid but they do respond better to clear instructions.  So if you want them to buy from you then ask for the sale.  Tell them to click the buy now button or link below to get the product, deal or discount you mention in your video.  Don’t just assume they will.


Now the test is going to be that you can do all of this in under 10 minutes!  People are time poor these days so be friendly and to the point.  This video is not about you.  It is about them and how you or your product can help them.


I would love to see your product videos that are working for you the best!  It will be interesting to see if there are some common themes between them and if your video uses any of these techniques.  Please paste a link to your video below (but only if it is working). 


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