My Favourite Tools to Create Images for Social Media

I LOVE these tools and use all of them off and on to create beautiful images for social media that increase engagement and promote products and services.

Check out these 5 Tools you can use to Create Images for Social Media:


What is it?
A website you can use to create collages, design or import your own images to apply filters or layer on effects or text.  It also offers an easy cropping & resizing tool, plus preset canvas sizes that can be used to design a Facebook cover image or the perfect sizes for your Facebook and Instagram updates.

Check out the website here.

Here is a sample image I created using PicMonkey to promote a online training I am a part of…

PicMonkey Image Sample


What is it?
An app you can use to create beautiful quotes easily from your smartphone.  Either use a background they provide or import your own image in from your image library.  This comes with an amazing selection of font choices too and an easy 1 click export to Instagram or Twitter.

On iTunes
For Android

Here is a sample image I created using InstaQuote…

Instaquote Image Sample

Beautiful Mess

What is it?
Another fun app for your smartphone where you can start with your own photo or design one from scratch. Include doodles, frames or text. You can create collages as well.  I think it has a bit more of a feminine style.

On iTunes
For Android

Here is a sample image I created using Beautiful Mess of my beautiful cat Merlin.

Sample Image from a Beautiful Mess


What is it?
Fab app for videos or photo collages with a wide variety of preset frames and layouts.  Although my sample below is only of images in my backyard the real fun begins when you start putting in videos in some of the windows and adding music on top.

On iTunes
For Android

Here is a sample image I created using PicPlayPost…

PicPlayPost Collage

Adding Watermarks

What is it?
It is a good idea to add a watermark to brand your photo to your business so when people share it you get credit and potential traffic. I recommend these 2 apps.

eZy Watermark on iTunes
Add Watermark for Android

Here is a sample image I created using PicMonkey first then eZy Watermark.

eZy Watermark App Sample


What are your favourite tips for using these tools?


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