How to Get a Great Testimonial

Nowadays testimonials seem like more sales text.  You read the results and think “yeah, right.”

However to build yourself as an expert online you must focus on collecting and using testimonials on your sites because they increase your credibility in the eyes of your potential clients.  So how do you get great testimonials?

How to get it right with testimonials…

  1. Use unsolicited social proof: If you have a WordPress blog (which I recommend) make sure your site has comments enabled so your users can give you feedback on each page.  Also, get a Facebook plugin so your visitors can comment or “like” your page from their Facebook page.  This means what they write will be seen on their page too in addition to yours.
  2. Get Testimonials from people who already have an online presence: Make sure an include the person’s website and their position in life or business below their name so people can find out more about them.
  3. Use video: Ask if your client will film their comment instead of writing it.  When you can see a human being delivering the praise it is more believable.  After all anyone can write a glowing review from “John Smith”.
  4. Package them to illustrate the complete picture: Your services or products most likely deliver many different results.  Get a handful of testimonials that include each of the angles of how your products works.  If you have a weight loss product then get testimonials on increased energy, taught skin, weight loss figures and better self-esteem. People buy things for different reasons so you want to demonstrate all of the benefits through your testimonials.
  5. Use successful people: We all look up to people who have reached success in their field.  If you can find people who are willing to rave about you, who are also movers and shakers, focus on them first.
  6. Share real results: If you feel like you have to write “results are not typical” then the testimonial might not be believable.  Find results that your clients are getting all of the time and then use those as topics for testimonials.   If you are doing your job well, then these results will be just as amazing as the “I made a million dollars in 1 month” testimonials.  How much more powerful would it be if 5 testimonials were talking about similar results that were still incredible?


Remember, people are smart and will see through phony scripted testimonials very fast.  Your audience will connect with you more if they feel that they can attain what the testimonials say.

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