I Am an Expert and I Have Something To Say Online – Where Do I Start?

I just met with a friend of mine who has worked in some very impressive companies in executive level jobs and is a perfect example of an expert in the making. She wants to promote and package herself online as an expert. The problem? Where does she start – or should I say, how, when or with what?  Positioning yourself online as the “go to” person for something is much different than being a consultant to bricks and mortar companies. And many people have SO MANY ideas, yet those ideas stack themselves up like a massive brick wall of overwhelm.

Now with the “How To” e-books, articles, videos and webinars online behind every click of your slick mouse you can learn the hows until you are blue in the face.  And before you know it, you know what you are supposed to do, yet you still have not done anything about it. Maybe because you are best off focusing on your area of expertise? Do you really have to learn the ins and outs when there are so many other experts in SEO, blogging, websites, writing copy, branding, etc. standing by just dying to make you a success online?  No!  But it is important that you find your online voice and see what others are saying and looking for online.  And the only way to do this is to TAKE ACTION (I love these words).

There are several ways to establish yourself as an expert online.  And for now let me keep it easy.  These tools are free and take about 30-60 seconds of your day.

  1. Get an account on Twitter (and USE it).  Less than one tweet a day will keep your customer at bay, and you don’t want that do you?  So ramp it up to at least 2 or 3 a day.
  2. Use your Facebook account.  The power of updating your status is mighty (and lets your followers get to know you).  Look for the “what’s on your mind?” at the top of the page and type something in.  You can also add a Twitter plugin so that whatever you tweet automatically appears on your Facebook page.  More on that later though.  Just get used to updating your account on a regular basis.

Please do not attempt to get a blog or a website at this point.  Baby steps work best when learning how to brand yourself online. The online world can be unforgiving and you are not creating a business site.  You are taking the steps to validate yourself as a real, and likeable, person online.  An expert in cooking, dog walking, writing, marketing, motherhood, SEO, whatever it is…get ready world! After taking the baby steps featured in this blog you are about to be heard!

I know you are busy, but please just start!  Once you master the above steps then you can start to look at what next.  Like branding your pages, using more social media tools, starting a blog and building your own products.

Mr Miagi is an expert

He must be good! I don't even have to tell you his name.

Next up – what makes someone as expert?  Well Malcolm Gladwell said 10,000 hours of study (approx. 10 years).  I am now on a mission to see what else is being said in the blogosphere.  And WOW, is there a lot of info on this topic.

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