Teleseminars and Webinars and the Services You Can Use

webinars and teleseminarsTeleseminars and Webinars seem to be all the rage right now.  Why?  Because it is a cheap effective way for people to find out more about you and a great way for you to create info products.

First of all, what is the difference?

A webinar is a web conference where each participant sits at his or her computer, clicks a link they were given after they registered for the webinar, and listens via streaming through their browser (i.e. firefox or explorer).  You can show slides or visuals from your computer that the participants can see.

A teleseminar is handled over the phone where participants are given a phone number and participant code to use when they dial in.

A lot of systems now give the participant the option to either use their phone, streaming or both.

Which one is best?

This comes down to budget.  You can get started for free using a teleseminar option.  If you are making money with these calls I recommend looking into a webinar platform because you can create multiple info products easily from a webinar that you host.

How can I use this as a tool in promoting me?

  1. Host a free info session where you give some great content about what you do and finish with a call to action at the end (like a discount or buy-1-get-1-free special) to motivate the listeners to buy your products or services. – GREAT OPTION WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SELL AND A LIST TO PROMOTE YOUR CALL TO
  2. Interview another expert who compliments what you offer or will offer.  At the end of the interview recommend their product and negotiate a commission for any that you sell.  This is often what affiliate marketers do and is a great way to get started if you don’t have anything to sell.  This will also help brand you as a wealth of knowledge and connector. – GREAT OPTION WHEN YOU ARE JUST GETTING STARTED AND BOTH BUILDING YOUR BRAND AND COLLECTING KNOWLEDGE ABOUT YOUR INDUSTRY

What can I use the recordings for?

Make sure and record the call or webinar.  The systems you use do this for you.  If you have conducted a call take the audio recording and post it on your blog so your visitors can listen anytime they want.  If you have conducted a webinar take the video recording and post it on your site.

Tools you need to create excellent Audio files:

  1. Audacity – a free program that is really easy to use to edit your audio files.  Download it HERE
  2. Mediafire – a very inexpensive audio storage site.  You can upload your files to it and embed the code into your blog post.  Check it out HERE
  3. Transcription – Once your audio file is posted send it to someone to transcribe it for you so you can create a new ebook from your call.  Hire someone from Elance or Fiverr or any of the other great outsourcing spots to do this for you.  If you want it to look extra nice ask them to put graphics in it and make it a PDF.

And now you have not only an Mp3 but also an ebook.

Tools you need for rocking Video files:

  1. You can edit your video using Screenflow if you have a Mac (check it out HERE) or Camtasia if you have a PC (check it out HERE).
  2. You can export your files using audio only from those programs to create an MP3 from your video.
  3. Follow instructions above to transcribe.

Next thing you know you have a video, Mp3 and ebook all from the same webinar!

What systems can I use?

For a free teleseminar system I recommend –

For all the bells and whistles of a teleseminar program check out –

For a webinar platform you can’t go wrong with GoToWebinar –

I have used everything above and continue to use them for the various web projects I work on.  Don’t get too overwhelmed!  Just get started by creating a free teleseminar account and inviting people you know to listen.  Once you get started you will be unstoppable and that expert inside will be dying to come out to play more often.

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