What is a Credible Website?

What is a credible website?  A website that builds trust and generates leads.

There are some Money Back Guaranteevery simple things you can do to your website so people trust it, and more importantly so they will trust you enough to buy something.

How to Build Credibility in Your Web Pages:

  1. Use Testimonials: Video is best.  To learn how to get great testimonials see my other article HERE.
  2. Include a Guarantee: Try a “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” or “100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back”.  Just Google these terms and click on “images” in the upper left of the search results page to find plenty of these great little images that you can include on your site.  Make sure whatever you guarantee you are prepared to follow through on it.
  3. Include a phone number: Although most people will never use it, a phone number shows there is a human being on the other side of the web page willing to help out.
  4. A photo of your office or team: If you are a service provider a photo of your office helps to give a feeling of safety and connection so the visitor can see the potential environment they will be visiting.  By showing you and your team, you are allowing the visitor to learn more about you.
  5. Bios: Include a bio or short profile for you and each member on your team next to their photos.  Make sure and add links to their social media accounts so a potential customer can easily research more about each of you.
  6. Logos of trusted partners: Do you have any sponsors or joint venture partners?  Include their logo.  It shows that you have valid business relationships and you can easily raise your credibility especially if your partners are larger than you or have been in the business longer.
  7. “As Seen On TV” or media mentions: Have you been mentioned in the media?  Definitely list it!  Did you know that many mentions you have seen like “as seen on CNN” or “as seen in the Financial Times” are because the person took out an ad in those publications?  If you put an ad somewhere then say you were listed there, because you were!  And if you were written about in an article link to that article or list it on your site somewhere.

The next time you build a site or landing page add as many of these points as you can.  It will communicate that you are trustworthy and that you are an established player in your market.

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