What to Write on Your Website When you Run out of Ideas

What to write on your website

You don’t need to be a J.K. Rowling to create exquisite content that people want to keep coming back to. Now, more than ever, it is important to update your websites and social media accounts on a regular basis.  (Insert me cringing here).

Don’t get me wrong – I love creating content.  As an overly busy business owner myself, enjoying the half custody of my partner’s 10 & 12 year old boys, and still trying to find time for myself (I still haven’t quite cracked this one), I just struggle with creating the time to create the content.

On a recent webinar for the members of the Women Speakers Association, I was invited to teach about what to write on your website, and more specifically your blog, to keep traffic coming your way.  (If you would like to get a copy of my notes enter your details in the box below this post.) 

I created the draft for this post as soon as I finished the call because the main thing they struggled with was what to write about.  Since it was such an issue for them I thought what I taught could help you as well…

Here is what to write on your website:

  • Post photos or infographics then comment on them
    Commentary is great because it shows off your personality and expertise. If you continue to share great resources people will continue to visit you as a hub of knowledge in a certain area.
  • Embed videos from Youtube (they don’t even have to be your own!) then comment on them
    If the video is on Youtube it is an invitation to embed it on your site.  You can develop an incredible library using your expert peer group’s content then summarizing it in a blog post and explaining why it is valuable. Just remember that anytime you use a video as a post it is important to supplement it with writing so search engines know what your post is about and people can skim the important points you want them to takeaway. You can learn more about why it is so important to speak your mind in my article about how to create a tribe online.
  • Choose your top 10 topics of expertise and answer with your 10 most frequently asked questions for each
    In case you are counting that is 100 blog posts or articles for your website! Write a list of your top 10 areas you have helped others get great results in. For example if you are a personal trainer you may discuss how to lose belly fat, then tone arms, then tone abs etc. – the 10 areas you can help people get the most results when using your system. Then write down your top 10 FAQs for each one.  All you need to do is get in front of a video camera and answer each question or write a short blog pos, or both.
  • Write a series of posts that interlink
    It is important to write short posts online to keep people engaged, but this also means it is tough to teach something substantial in 1 post.  Writing a series of posts is a great way of getting some added SEO benefits because you are able to link in between your posts by hyperlinking the titles. An example would be how I linked to my other article about building tribes above.  Not only can you keep your readership interested with your bit sized bits of valuable info, but you will keep the search engines happy because you have interlinked things in your site.

Remember to grab a copy of my notes below.  I easily lay out how to use these points above so that people and search engines can find your site.

Do you have a great technique you would like to share about how you get inspired to write?  Drop me a comment below…


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