Easy Template on How to Write an Email Marketing Series

Autoresponder Emails for Marketing

Doing business online is in no way like the “Field of Dreams” movie “build it and he will come” scenario.  

As amazing as you or your website may be, once a visitor stops by chances of them coming back are slim…unless you entice them to.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are giving something top quality away for free and it is easy for people to find.  You will need an opt-in form like MailChimp or AWeber provide.  This is the form people use to enter in their name and email in exchange for getting access to what you are providing. This allows someone who thinks they are interested in what you have to offer to learn more about you in their own time.

Great news is that by giving you their details your site’s visitors are giving you permission to stay in touch with more info!

So now what?  

Here is a template you can use to create your own email marketing series using auto-responder emails:

As you create these your main outcome is to ultimately get your new lead to take that next step with you, whether it is to buy one of your products, sign up for a webinar or hire you for a service.  Keep that end goal in mind when writing these emails. And remember to keep them friendly and conversational.

This template is for 8 emails scheduled to go out over a 30 day period.

Email 1 (sent immediately) – sets the tone
Thank you email that provides a link to the free item OR mention of when they will get more info if they opted in for a newsletter.

Email 2 (sent on Day 2) – to build rapport
Check in and see how they liked your free gift and provide links to where else they can get to know you (like Facebook).

Email 3 (sent on Day 5) – to demonstrate your expertise
An email that provides another free gift and does not sell.  It can be a video, your most popular blog post or some other bonus that shows them more of what you have to offer.

Email 4 (sent on Day 9) – to demonstrate your credibility
In the form of a short story, talk about a case study with a client of yours and what specifically changed after working with you.  Close this email with a suggestion of how they might be able to use this in their life too. Start to “seed” or mention the package they used in your P.S. after your signature and include a link to the sales page where the reader can find out more.

Email 5 (sent on Day 13) – to start building law of reciprocity
This could be another digital free gift and should be quite substantial.  The law of reciprocity states that by giving a gift to someone, they in turn feel like they will need to give back to you.

Email 6 (sent on Day 17) – to build rapport
Tell a personal story about you and how you have overcome something to get to where you are today. Tell them what your mission is and why you have created your products and services from this.  Then of course provide the link to your main offering you mentioned in the previous emails.

Email 7 (sent on Day 21) –  building law of reciprocity
A reminder of everything they have gotten so far and even another free gift (video, webinar, article or MP3).  Ask them at this point to take the next step with you.  Suggest that the bonuses they have received have only been the tip of the iceberg.

Email 8 (sent on Day 23) – call to action
This is your moment!   Wow them!  Ask them if they are ready to take that next step with you and remind them about how many people you have helped already. Tell them why they’d be missing out if they didn’t take advantage of this offer right now!


After this time has passed you should continue to send broadcasts to them as you wish. As I mentioned above email marketing systems like MailChimp are great because they are cheap, allow you to build these opt-in forms and also create a marketing email series.

Remember to make these emails about the reader and respect their time.  Get to the point and show them you know something about them and what they may be going through by relating to them.

And above all please don’t build it and hope they will come.  Give them a reason to keep coming back for more.

Is there something you have done that worked really well to build your email list?  Let me know below!


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