What to Post on Facebook to Get More Likes

Business owners are always looking to get that “secret formula” to get more likes, more interaction and more conversions happening on their Facebook pages. The question of what to post on Facebook to get more likes is like a high school kid asking what they can do to be more popular.  The popular kids are watched, copied and looked up to.

Get ready to be the popular kid on Facebook!

Thanks to Dan Zarrella and his amazing Infographic below, my job has just become a lot easier showing you how.

The key points to take away here are:

Use images in your posts. 

If you are using a quote use an image like this to make it stand out.

What to post on Facebook

If you are posting your blog post don’t use the default image and text that is pulled through. Make your own, write a catchy headline and write a teaser that entices people to click through.  The Social Media Examiner is brilliant at this…

Facebook posts that get likes


Keep your posts short.

People are pressed for time.  When in doubt shorten that post.  If you ask a question also make sure you are inspiring a short answer. Instead of “What did you do over the weekend?” try “What is 1 word to describe your weekend?”


Mix in personal stories.

People connect with people who are real!  Mix in some personal stories and opinions.  Don’t be afraid to stir up emotion. For every couple of posts related to your industry and business mix in something that you or your team did.  There is a reason why all of those inspirational quotes are liked right now.  In our hectic digital world inspirational ideas keep us all connected.

Post at least once in the evening.

That is when people want to unwind on their commute home on their mobile device or socialise before dinner.  If you post a couple of times a day you can’t go wrong. Pressed for time (who am I kidding, we all are!)?  Then do your best to get about 1 post up each day.


Here is a page I think is a shining example of everything I have mentioned. http://www.facebook.com/AmyPorterfield 

Enjoy Dan’s Infographic…

What to Post on Facebook to Get More Likes


Drop me a quick note below and let me know which of the above points has gotten you the most results on your Facebook page…

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