Attention: Sydney Small and Local Business Owners

You are invited to a 1 day workshop to grow your business with Facebook Ads.

Learn a proven, simple, profitable system for creating Facebook ads that run on Autopilot.

(even if you have never placed an ad before)

Did you know you can set up Facebook ads to be automated so they

Bring in Leads & Sales?

...and you don't need to spend more than $15/day to get started!


You just need to follow this 4 step plan.

The “Facebook Ads Autopilot” event will give you the steps to set up your Facebook ads account AND place ads to people so the right ad is shown at the right time based on how well someone knows your business.

You don't need to be good at copywriting and trying to work out who to target. As long as you have something to sell we will work out the rest together.

At this event I am not teaching theory. I am going to workshop the 4 steps with you so by the time the day ends you will have a highly targeted facebook ad set up and running!  Plus you will have a plan to manage and update that ad and create more.

Are you?

  • Feeling like there is a lot of work to do to set up ads?
  • Frustrated because you don’t have a lot of time to learn about Facebook Ads and want to get them working for you?
  • Struggling to get new leads or customers because you have to hustle every time you need more?
  • Disappointed because you tried Facebook ads before and your ads didn’t work like you hoped?
  • Tired of hearing about the success of others who have used ads and just want it to happen to you too?

You're exactly like so many of the other small business owners I have taught to create and manage successful Facebook ads.  

This workshop is all about automation and not hard work

Everything you will learn in the 7 hours will set you you for up for automation in 4 steps:

  1. Find your ideal customer
    Once you understand your ideal client and how they talk you can use their language in your ads. Whenever you need new customers you can just "flip the switch" to turn on an ad to get them.
  2. Set up your ads account for automation
    You can set up the different people you want to target into groups so you can place ads fast without having to guess who should see them.
  3. Post the right things at the right time
    Each potential customer you want to attract is different - some know you and some don't. Understanding where they are in your customer journey means being able to have the right conversation at the right time.
  4. Send your clicks to optimised pages on your website
    There are 3 types of pages you can send people to on your website once they click on an ad. When you know which ones to use and when you are running ads on autopilot!

A couple of years ago I thought using Facebook Ads was a confusing, time wasting, expensive exercise...

I had read blog article after blog article, listened to podcasts and tested new techniques for myself and with my clients.

The problem was that I found most information to be disjointed. While some individual ideas worked, I found that the information I could get my hands on was either not complete, overcomplicated things or just sucked up too much of my time.

All I wanted was a simple plan to that did not cost me a lot of money and was easy to manage.

I know you are probably frustrated too if you have tried using Facebook ads in your business and could not get them to work. 

It does not have to be like that...

I worked out what to do and now I only check my ads once a week...

 and it takes me less than 1 hour!

I am so excited to show you the system I call 'FB Ads Autopilot'!

Hi, I'm Heather Porter and here's my street cred:

  • I have been asked back 3 years running by Reed Exhibitions to train spa and salon owners about social media at their largest expos in Australia.
  • I am the host of "That Social Media Show" on the BRiN app.
  • I co-founded the previous digital marketing agency Autopilot Your Business in 2010, which now offers online trainings.
  • I regularly teach social media strategies at The Entourage, Australia's largest educator and community of entrepreneurs. 
  • I have taught Facebook strategies to 2 Australian Local Councils and a college.
  • I have a social media and marketing podcast, Autopilot Your Business, listened to in over 100 countries.



“Our business is fully automated online and bringing in new clients every day.

"Before Heather we had a basic website and a Facebook page with under 1,000 fans. Now we have a fully automated online presence, over 6,000 fans on Facebook and are able to grow and reach more people because we are not stuck doing repetitive tasks."

Anna Fernandez
Co-Owner, Elka Yoga & Wellness


“One of our highest rated speakers of all time.

"You really impressed me today with your presence and of course your knowledge. Your feedback was 9.23 out of 10! You are one of our highest rated speakers of all time."

Petar Lackovic
Head of Training & Development for The Entourage

Here's what I will cover at this workshop…

Step 1: Understand Your Ideal Customer

  • How to find your ideal client
    You will be able to understand what keeps your market up at night and wanting to buy what you offer.
  • How to learn exactly how your target market speaks
    Find out where to go to get the exact words your market uses to describe what you offer and why they would want to buy it. 
  • How to use their language in your ads
    No more guessing about what to write. Use the exact words your ideal customers use.

Step 2: Set Up Your Ads Account For Automation

  • How to set up your ads account for automation
    Together we will set up your ads manager so you have a base that is easy to use with every ad you place.
  • How to set up groups of people you can post ads to
    You will learn how to set up custom audiences so you can market to people in different phases of your customer journey (those who don't know you, those who have been to your website and who are on your email list and those who are already buying your stuff). Plus you will learn how to find other people just like them!
  • How to place an ad
    There are different types of ads you can use and you will understand which ones you need and when to use them for your different customer groups.

Step 3: How to Place an Ad

  • How to understand your different traffic types
    Each customer group will have different needs and you need to place ads based on an outcome that works in with what that is.
  • How to use images, videos and copy to create an ad that gets clicks
    Get one of these wrong and you have a dud. Learn how to make all the elements in your ad click worthy.
  • Examples of ads that work
     I will show you sample ads that work and how businesses are using them for the different steps in a customer journey.

Step 4: Where to Send People After They Click 

  • The 3 different types of website landing pages you need
    If you are sending people to a normal, unoptimised page on our website chances are people will jump right off. There are 3 types of pages you can use and you will become an expert at all 3.
  • Anatomy of a perfect landing page
    I will show you samples of these 3 pages and how you can build your own. 
  • Landing page creation tools
    See my favourite tools - perfect even for those of you who are not tech savvy.

“Data driven expertise and cutting edge ideas.”

"Heather takes an 'all in' approach, consistently on-hand with data driven expertise and cutting edge ideas. As a result, I have now run a tech start-up with a very happy membership base. Thank you Heather!"

Andrea Clarke
Founder, Career CEO and TV Journalist


“I can honestly say Heather is the best I’ve seen.”

"Heather is clearly a seasoned pro in her field and I would highly recommend her. Having run several Social Media events for small local businesses in the past five years and I can honestly say Heather is the best I’ve seen. Thanks Heather for a fantastic presentation!"

William Adames
Community and Business Engagement Coordinator of Ku-ring-gai Council

Facebook Ads Work For Any Market.

You just need to know what ads to place. When done right, Facebook advertising is the most powerful digital advertising platform on the planet...especially when you know how to do this:

  • Place ads that generate a constant flow of leads and sales on autopilot.
  • Target your website visitors and people on your email list to promote what you have to people who already know you.
  • Get Facebook to find other people just like those who already know, like and trust you and promote to them!
  • Use your emails as ads to reach more people on your email list (only 30% of people open your emails - what about the other 70%?)

The faster you can start the better...

 There's over 3 Million small businesses already running Facebook Ads.  

This means your competition is already doing them or trying to learn how.  Now's the time to get a plan and start using it. You can still get in while competition for people to see your ads is not as high.

And don't worry... As you learn this stuff I won't let brain fry get the better of you!

In fact, I’ve rallied the troops and called in some big guns for you to have the most incredible learning environment.


Meet your incredible MC!

Patty Kikos will help co-create a space where you won't feel overwhelmed but inspired and ready to keep moving after the event.

She has over 17 years of experience as a counsellor, Reiki master, energy healer and more than a decade as a wedding celebrant, kinesiologist & kundalini yoga teacher. Patty has presented at major festivals such as the Byron Spirit Festival, lectures on international yoga teacher trainings and regularly speaks at health & wellness events.

Much like me, she has a passion for demystifying the woo woo in her own industry (her workshops are amazing!), and much like you, she understands the importance of automating her business with FB ads!

Get 7 hours of proven Facebook strategies

Book Your Seat Now! 
There are only 25 Spots. I need to keep this workshop small so I can help all of you as you follow along on your computer.

Imagine this being your view all day! (we are not quite that high but are on the 16th floor)...


Saturday, December 3 2016

JDL Srategies
Level 16, 15 Blue Street
North Sydney NSW

Registration: 9:45am
Times: 10am – 5pm

What to Bring:
Your computer (we will provide wifi), snacks and lunch.
You can also get lunch at a local cafe across the street.

Only $197!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that will NEVER be offered again.
As of next year, the prices will double.

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“I would have been lost without you.

"I am so grateful for you, I couldn't even have imagined creating this radical and magical online program without you!"

Erin Kyna
Intuitive Life Coach and Lululemon Athletica Ambassador


“Breathtakingly exceptional.

Just wanted to say how incredibly supported I feel by you. The quality and value of your work (and who you are) is breathtakingly exceptional. My launch would not have happened without your incredible coaching.

Maria Golding
Owner, Intuitive Motherhood and Parent-Infant Health Practitioner