How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

90% of your visitors to your Facebook Page will never return to your page to get your updates. Instead they will watch your updates through their home page feed or phone apps.

You can no longer have a welcome page that is shown automatically to your page’s visitors. You can however still set up landing pages that display under your cover image. Landing pages are a great way of capturing someone’s contact details the first time they visit your page in exchange for something free that you give them, like an eBook, report or video.

You can even require them to like your page first before they get access to your free bonus through something called fan gating. I will also show you how to how to put a “like first page” on facebook in this video.

Here is How to Create a Facebook Landing Page:

Note: It is best if you have a WordPress Site to get the most out of this video. You still may find it complex.  As Facebook continues to change its rules you may find you need to maintain your page.  And when all else fails hire someone to do it for you.  You can get an incredibly good looking page created by hiring someone on Odesk, Elance or by finding a web developer.

Links to the Sites I discuss:
File Sharing Site where you can store secure images – Dropbox
You can get a free site hosted on WordPress here – WordPress

Would you like the images that display for each of your landing pages and other apps customised?  We can do this for you for FREE!  CHECK IT OUT NOW!


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