Create Products to Sell from your Info Products and get more Sales!

Create Products to Sell and Get more sales

Do you have an Info Product? You may be missing an amazing opportunity to make some extra cash by packaging it as a CD or DVD to create products to sell.

Practically your whole market is online and Info Products are great, but think about this…There are still people who prefer to watch a DVD at home or put a CD in their car.  After all, not all of us have cars that can play music from an iPod (oops, I just gave away the fact I drive an older car).

So how can you get your products out to that market? All you need is a video or audio series and some simple graphics and someone else can handle the rest!

Here are 2 of my favourite companies who can help get your Info Products from digital to physical products:

    The team at disk will take your files, turn them into a DVD or CD, print them on demand (when someone orders), and ship out the product to them on behalf of you!  All you have to do is send them some graphics for the labels and case cover and your digital files and they will handle the rest.  They can even print and include a manual into your packaging straight from a pdf file.  And they will help you set up an easy system to send them your orders automatically as they come in off your website. I like them because they have amazing packaging choices and you have options to put multiple DVDs and a manual inside one container. The only downside?  They require that you print a minimum of any one product to start.  So you may be out a bit of cash up front.
    These guys have a similar process as Disk but specialize in single CDs or DVDs.  If you have digital files that can fit on one disk and you don’t care about including a manual they are great!  And there are no minimum requirements with them to get started.  Printing 1 DVD or CD in a jewell case with full colour printing only starts at $1.00 USD (plus shipping to your client)!

Also, remember that you can offer a physical version of your info product as an easy upsell during the checkout process or vice versa.  This means your client can get access to your digital version online immediately and enjoy getting something in the mail as well.

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